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Just some of the many texts David receives in response to his television show:

Dear brother David bless you for your testimony on the mistakes you
made in your marriage. How painful God's discipline was and how GOD blessed you with a new lady called Linda.

Thanks for your message on forgiving and forgetting. I have been blessed by this, please pray for us, my name is Charlene and the man I love žs Adrian.

David thank you for your help, I have forgiven and forgotten, praise the Lord
Ida .

Dear sir, we listen to your program, and husband and I love the Blessings we received. Please send us your church information, as we will be happy to be part of your ministry

David thank you for your help I have forgiven.

Thank you for speaking the truth in love and sharing the Fathers heart! God spirit is healing me as I watch your programme. Annie :)

Pray for my unsaved family in Jesus name Maria x

Some of the most difficult and painful times during my life, have taught the most powerful lessons.Draw close to GOD and he will draw close to YOU!

Love in our beautiful YESHUA XXX

I feel lifted by your message on patient and forgiveness. Be blessed. I give gratitude each day for continues awareness regarding the two. All is well.

Thank you Lord and thank you David from Juliana

Hi David. l prayed the sinners prayer with you on the show a few weeks ago. Just wanted to say thanks and a big thank you to Suzie in the office for finding me a home church which l now attend. God bless! Amanda in St.Davids.

Thank you for the word on divorce. My friend cannot get an answer from her vicar.

David I have forgiven ME. Many thanks dear brother. Jenny.

Hi David, been watching your show religiously for several months now. I would be grateful if you could keep my uncle, Donald Anderson in your prayers. He died of a heart attack whilst working a case in Alaska,would be at comfort knowing that he is in a better place now. God Bless.

My name is Beatrice I have been greatly blessed by your discussion about divorce and in the process I have been washed afresh by his blood this morning.
God bless you.

Thank you Iíve been blessed by your programme, may the Lord bless you more and strengthen you, Pat.

Dear David
Thank you so much for your programme.Praise the Lord that people are being saved every week.We have a wonderful God who can do anything.
Please pray for me.I have been gripped by depression and anxiety since the birth of my daughter 7 years ago.It is particularly bad at the moment and I am waiting to hear what medicine they can try next.I want to be free of the pain.Please pray.
Debbie Cruse

Thank you so much for this morning it has been a very real blessing to
my husband and myself. God spoke in a very special way. you.
Blessing Jane

Hi David please pray for my daughter Jade pregnant and in hospital with a urine infection, back pain and depressed. Thanks. Love you. June x

I had a terrible pressure area headache praise God Iím healed. Gloria

Thank you for your programme today. I thank God for your ministry. My name is Uzo

David I am a Christian who had lost that sense of belonging to God because of the hell Iíve been through in work. God has touched and restored me through your programme

My name today onwards I have accepted my savior.

David thank you for your help I have forgiven.

Hi, that stuff is what I need tonight. About belonging etc. I am?really unhappy in my church, I really hate going but still go each week. I?just sit thee and stare into space each week at the back of the meeting and feel nothing?much. Really, Iím desperate to find a new church where I can feel happy, have?friends + b on fire 4 God again and get stuck into ministry again. Monday toSaturday Iím okay, I have time with God each day, Iím faithful in my job as a private?house cleaner and I keep going despite the loneliness, tight budget and crummy cold?flat. Which looks good but is just too cold and near a busy road. Please pray! I need a few miracles and to have a brighter future in God. Bless you, Fiona?in Edinburgh. X

David Aldous TV Testimonials

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